Headhunting for Talent Acquisition

Head hunting (or search) can be used as part of an active Recruitment Campaign or as its own individual Campaign strategy and is design to specifically target candidates from competitors or specialist niche sectors.

As part of an active campaign, headhunting ensures that a larger target audience is accessed than would otherwise be reached through advertising alone.

  • We will define specific industry sectors where the individual we are seeking may currently be working. From here we will explore every company that is established within the nominated industry sector to determine whether they match the evaluation criteria.
  • Once it has been determined which organisations fit the criteria, the appropriate personnel within these companies are researched. Finally, we will examine individual background, track record, working style and specific accomplishments to identify which people should be approached for consideration.
  • The shortlist evolves from this thorough process incorporating identification and assessment of people, within companies that have been extensively researched to provide the highest caliber candidates for the role. We will make recommendations in accordance with the shortlist including further assessment options

Discretion is a key element in all research activity and communication with candidates.

All Executive Search assignments are conducted by a Senior Consultant or Principal and dedicated researcher who work together to meet your needs.