Popular Questions

Consultation can commence almost immediately. The initial stage will be to discuss your needs via phone, Zoom, or a visit. From there, we can map your requirements and discuss an agreeable path.

We offer several pricing models. For HR Consulting, this is typically priced on a per-hour basis or on a contingency plan. For recruitment, we provide both fixed terms and per-hour (no commission) rates.

We work across most verticals except specialist medical. Typically, our clients are Small to Mid-Sized operations (up to 200+ staff) and/or as a Partner to business leaders (any size organisation).

Given our work can be conducted remotely, we can cover all regions. However, some states will require specific HR compliance requirements (based on state policy). This will be qualified with you on the initial discussion.

Don’t make any rash decisions regarding employee and HR policy. It’s best to let us do the ground work prior to an action being undertaken.