Your Own Dedicated In-House Recruiter Partner

Finding new staff should be a rewarding experience, yet it also takes a great deal of creativity and diligence. But the underlining issue is time. Finding good quality staff takes time and if you don’t have a full-time dedicated Recruitment Consultant (In-House), you are likely to fall into the trap of compromise. This can cause disruption and you could end up paying expensive fees for an external recruitment agency to be involved.

This is where we step in…

Contracted on a Contingency basis we fulfill the role of an In-House Recruitment Partner. You will have your own dedicated member consultant that will drive the end-to-end campaign to ensure you can get on with your job, whilst we do all the background work.

  • Executive & Generalist Talent Acquisition
  • 95% Job Fill Success Rates
  • 20 Years Recruitment Expertise
  • Full Guarantees of Services
  • Fast, Efficient, No-Nonsense
  • A True Partnership

What is an Inhouse-Recruiter?

We use a Contingency Model, acting as your own Internal Recruiter (but leveraging from our expertise)

An Internal Recruiter is a talent acquisition professional who is employed by an organisation to manage the company’s current and future hiring needs and to help a business establish a brand name whilst keeping the focus on the company’s long-term plans. They work with each individual hiring manager as the go-to person for launching each recruitment campaign, and they will own the full recruitment strategy.

As Internal Recruiters are not commission-focused, the level of relationship is stronger and the relationship more forthcoming. Internal Recruiters will also reduce the need to use external agencies, saving businesses thousands of dollars in lost recruitment fees. 

Typically, Internal Recruiters will be employed full time, on a retained or contract (as-needed) basis, or on a Per-Hour Rate. The Contingency and Per-Hour Rates have been our most successful business model.

Urgent Recruitment Need?

No problem, we can launch a campaign within hours.

We Represent You

From first-level interviews to short-listing – we can do it all

Future Staffing Needs

As Internal Recruiters, we’re here to help your business grow

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