Helping You With Exiting Staff

Outplacement is the process by which people gain new jobs after they have been made redundant. It usually involves the unemployed person receiving advice and assistance from an agency or a private company to help them find work.

The Services Offered
Outplacement agencies may provide a full service, including resume writing services, interview preparation and job search assistance (an outplacement firm). They are commonly used in conjunction with redundancy packages paid for by employers to ensure that recipients of redudancy benefits remain within a reputable network of employment agents. Alternatively, some organizations will take on the responsibility themselves as part of their redudancy programme by hiring professionals to support redudant staff through outplacement but this is less common than using an outside agency.

The Benefits
There are several benefits to redudant people using outplacement services. Most redudants will already be going through a stressful time even before they receive the redudancy notification, so any help they can get in securing employment is welcomed and appreciated. Depending on the level of package offered, redudants may have to forego their final pay cheque which means money for food and/or accommodation until they can secure work again. Some redudants also find that the uncertainty of unemployment leads to stress-related illnesses such as insomnia or depression, which could require medical treatment. Outplacement makes sure redudants are in control by offering them structured advice and assistance from experienced professionals during a crucial stage in their life.

There are more benefits to redudants than just finding new work, though. Outplacement can help redudants gain the skills necessary to further their careers and as such they will be better equipped when searching for new employment. This is especially true for those redudants with specialised skills in an industry that is currently in high demand thus enabling redudant people to find jobs rapidly. By forming good relationships between redudant staff and specialists within outplacement services, redudancy can also lead to future job prospects.

The Drawbacks
Another downside of outplacement is that there may not always be enough jobs available for everyone who wants them so outplacement agents or companies may concentrate on certain skill shortages rather than redundant people as a whole. This means that staff that have been out of the workplace for long periods may be overlooked for positions even though they have the skills and experience required.