Finding Talent In Difficult Markets
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The Australian market remains highly competitive with the latest statistics showing an increase in the number of job vacancies by an average of 7% YoY. Whilst the national average salary growth is 2.8% (Source: AIM), rises of up to 7-10% can be seen in industries where candidate shortages exist; and the trend for 2018 is showing no let-up in candidate driven markets. Our role at Short-List is to work as a Recruitment Partner, to mount an effective recruitment campaign from start to finish, and to ensure you benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the recruitment markets.
    Recruitment specialists for the Australian market
    An ideal recruitment model for those where recruitment costs may need tightening
    Australian CEO 2017 Choice Awards | Recruitment Awards 2016
    A low-cost, per hour billing model
    Competitive salary analysis and benchmarking
    98.6% completion rate across all campaigns
    Consultant to management on recruitment strategies
    Seek, LinkedIn, MyCareer etc. job ad campaigns
    Negotiating candidate salary packages and start dates
    Screening, interviewing, short-listing and testing candidates
    Candidate reference and qualifications checks

    We've led campaigns at all levels, across multiple markets and verticals. With a 98.6% success rate, our clients benefit from 20 years experience, an industry recognised consultant and a low cost, per-hour rate!  

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Agencies vs Short-List?

It's not just cost savings, Short-List as an internal partner unlocks a full suite of resources available to you.

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Changes to Visa laws

Sometimes, exploring candidates through working visas can make both practical and commercial sense.

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Is Seek still No.1?

SEEK is without doubt the online market leader for jobs, but campaigns need to be managed effectively.

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The hidden job market in australia

LinkedIn as a Search Tool

What is talent and how do I spot the right candidate? LinkedIn searches, head-hunting and … [more]

employing mature aged workers

Mature Aged Workers

Keeping an open-mind and considering all candidates (regardless of age) can reap huge rewards.

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Recent Surveys

Do you fully check a candidates references and qualifications? We asked 100 Australian companies.

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Psychometric & Skill Testing

Through SHL, we can build an advanced picture of the candidate your want to hire.

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The hidden job market in australia

Don't make this mistake!

A job interview is a two-way process where both candidate and the employer need to be prepared.


The All New Video Interview Tool for Screening


Let's face it, there's nothing worse than being stuck in an interview with someone you're not going to hire. By using our pre-screening software, on average, our clients have screened out 40-70% of applicants who would normally have been brought in to interview. Our software enables you to see who is behind the application and quickly screen candidates in or out, saving many hours. It's simple to set up, and you can get started today.

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