A Partnership Delivering Real Results

per hour recruitmentShort-List is best suited to those employers who have a recruitment need, but do not have the time or experience to manage a campaign themselves, and would prefer not to pay a recruitment agency fee.

By engaging Short-List as a single point of contact, your time is free to work without distraction. We can manage the full campaign and do what we do best.

Below are just some of the benefits of using us an Internal Recruiter vs. an External Recruiter:
    You own all candidates
    Cherry-pick candidates to see current and future needs
    Advertise using your brand (50-70% increase in responses)
    Full access to candidate database
    Contact candidates direct - no third party agency needed
    Much more control at your hands
    Hourly rates with no agency fees


    Did you know…
    If a job only takes 10 hours, then that’s all you pay (no placement fee, no hidden costs).

The Services We Offer

  • Full Recruitment Campaign Management
  • Writing & Posting Job Ads
  • Candidate Response Screening (Short Lists & Rejections)
  • Candidate Summaries & Notes (To Assist Your Interview) 
  • Online Testing (SHL Testing Modules)
  • Candidate Database Management
  • Campaign Construction & Execution
  • Seek & LinkedIn Campaign Management
  • Candidate Communication Management
  • Head-Hunting and Search
  • Placement & Salary Negotiations
  • Competency Based Interview Screening


Campaigns can be up and running in a matter of hours, with candidates being generated in less than 24-48 hours. However, where time permits, we often recommend letting a campaign run for 5-7 working days before we begin screening applicants; this gives a campaign time to reach peak performance. Outside of this, you will need to allow for turnaround time for interviewing (and second interviews), as well as negotiating starting dates. On average, we see most offers within 1-2 weeks, and then start date (notice pending) thereafter.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss expectations and set out timeframes that work for you.  Here are some quick tips to help us with meeting timeframes:

    Make the commitment to fil the position
    Forward plan suitable interview times
    Designate first round interviews if needed
    Always consider "what-if" scenarios
    Be totally transparent on candidate feedback

Hourly Fees - How does this work?

Before we start any campaign, we provide an estimated breakdown of the hours we predict will be needed (this includes both lower and upper levels). From this, you can effectively budget the cost of your recruitment campaign. We're not into surprises, so it's in our best interest to provide transparency throughout the campaign and keep you up-to-date on the hours we have worked.

Because we like repeat business, we ensure you are totally satisfied.

You only pay for the services and time, with no additional fees.

On average, most campaigns average between 15-30 hours. For example, if a job has been billed at 20 hours, the charge to you is 20 hours x $90 = $1,800 plus GST. However, some cases have seen a simple campaign  delivered with less than 5 hours background work needed.


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