Your INTERNAL Recruitment Partner

Our business model is centred around that of an internal recruitment partner as opposed to that of an external recruitment agency. The benefits of hiring an internal recruiter are many as internal recruiters focus more on a one-to-one partnership with the manager and the business, and are able to utilise a number of resources not always available to external recruiters.

Also, there’s no “hard sell” as both the internal recruiter and the business act as one.

You are in control

By appointing us as a single point of contact i.e. as your internal recruitment manager, your time is freed to carry on with your work without distraction. We will provide continuous reports and updates so you know what is happening behind the scenes. When the time is right and we have identified suitable candidates, we will then provide a full description on each.

Your brand to market vacancies

Advertising direct typically increases responses by 50-70%. You will generate interest from candidates who are applying to your company (not just to an ad). Advertising direct is also a great way to build branding in the market.

Our 7 Step Approach to building the campaign

  1. Preparation - Analyse the position, build a job description and identify the best route(s) to market for your campaign.
  2. Execution - Identify key selling points and integrate into a campaign that will attract quality talent.
  3. Shortlist - Build key competencies (in consultation with you) to ensure we screen based on key criteria.
  4. Look beyond the CV - We never take a CV/resume on face value; that's where our experience really kicks in!
  5. Brief you - Work with the hiring manager on strategies to get the most from interviewing, including competency based.
  6. Support you - Provide ongoing support throughout the interview process.
  7. Closure - Reference check, negotiate, manage counter-offers and ensure you get the right person, at the right salary.

All candidates that apply belong to you

Unlike recruitment agencies who own each candidate who applies through their advertisements, all candidates who apply through your ads are owned by the company. We will alert of you those candidates who may be of interest for other roles, or ones you may want to consider for the future. You can access this data and candidate records at any time (you own the database login details). What’s more, you won’t pay any additional fees!

You own all logins

We set up administrator logins to manage the campaigns, but you will have ownership of all platform logins for, LinkedIn etc.

You control the costs

As there are no placement fees, only billable hours by us, you can control the spend. Typically, billable hours work out to a per-hour rate of internal employees but on a contracted-out basis.  For example, if a job only takes 10 hours, then that’s all you pay (no placement fee, no hidden costs).

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Short-List vs. External Recruitment Agencies

By being a recruitment partner and not a recruitment agent, we can dedicate much more time to getting the job done properly and working solely for you. We are highly skilled recruitment managers with many years of industry experience, and a proven track record; full LinkedIn profiles will be made available for your review. We are results focused, and we never stop until we know you have the right candidates and you believe the job is complete..

Recruitment agencies have their uses, but behind the scenes, recruitment consultants are under a lot of pressure. They may have up to 30+ jobs to manage, they need to continuously service other clients (not just you) and they don't always have your best interests in mind. Recruiters are more transactional as opposed to partnership oriented.