Urgent Assistance When You Need It Most

per hour recruitment

We understand that when an employee resigns, it can often catch you off guard and leave you needing immediate assistance.

Our service is designed to have a campaign up and running in a matter of hours. From drafting the advert to launching through Sseek.com.au and other job portals, we’ll manage responses, screen applicants and funnel appropriate candidates the moment they come through. In some cases (candidate employment notice time permitting), we’ve seen candidates interviewed, tested, reference checked and joining their new team in a matter of days.

    Take the brief and write the ad
    Launch job ad on seek.com.au and other platforms
    Screen candidates based on agreed pre-screen criteria
    Identify and forward appropriate candidates
    Provide candidate screen notes with areas to probe further
    Support testing, reference checking and salary negotiations

It’s important to note that the ideal recruitment model would be based on a lengthier campaign where ads run for 5-7 days to allow a thorough comparison of candidates. However, not every hirer has this luxury, and therefore, we can adjust accordingly. We do recommend, and will advise you on potential contingency plans for "what-if" scenarios.



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