LinkedIn for Search - Passive Candidates

LinkedIn is widely marketed as the “Networking Essential” for professionals with just about everyone now listing their profile on line. Additionally, more and more businesses are now advertising their jobs through LinkedIn, and leveraging from many of the forums LinkedIn has to offer to build brand recognition and increase responses when new opportunities arise.

From a candidate search perspective, LinkedIn offers a unique passage for finding or hunting talent. At our disposal, we have a plethora of search options and tools available that includes:

    Search candidates by industry type
    Search candidates by employer (ideal for headhunting)
    Search candidates by location and seniority
    Search candidates by specific skill sets
    Search candidates by position type

All the above can be used with multiple strings.

The key to success is knowing how to make contact, the reason why the contact is being made, and to entice potential candidates by gauging their interest and expectations should they consider entering into discussions. Maintained communication when you have a candidate interested will be crucial.

It’s important to note that LinkedIn has carefully incorporated a number of tools to prevent spamming by recruiters (internal and external). Therefore, its essential certain procedures are followed to avoid any potential blocking of the originator by LinkedIn.

We also specialise in building your brand reputation through LinkedIn to drive interest from passive job seekers.

Used the right way, LinkedIn can and does offer us/you a credible solution for search.


LinkedIn Recruitment Profile