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Roland Coombes is a leading Search Consultant and Business Manager within the recruitment industry, having successfully managed the recruitment needs for many leading UK and Australian brand names including Ford, Westfield, Cisco, CBA, HSBC, TNT, Thrifty, Grant Thornton, CSR and many more.

This experience has given Roland the expertise needed to deliver campaigns acrosss multiple industry types, from large corporates to small businesses.

Over the years, Roland has won many awards that include:

Recruiters Awards - CV Magazine

The Recruiters Awards is a relatively new award and is held annually, with Short-list (itouch) being selected for ongoing excellence in career management and recruitment. This category is judged by those in the know and demonstrates our success against some of the toughest judges the industry has to offer. 

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Recruiter of the Year Award - Reed UK

Reed is one of, if not the, leading recruitment agencies in the UK. The "Recruiter of the Year" award is of particular interest as the Reed Group employs well over 5,000 consultants. Therefore, winning the "Recruiter of the Year" title for two years in a row is a show of industry leadership, recruitment expertise and understanding, not to mention an outstanding achievement.

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Word of Mouth Position: Top 5% Services Award - 5 Years running

Awarded to itouch (Group Holding Company) for outstanding customer feedback. This is a 5 star award, and is only given to the Top 5% Service Providers (from over 5,000 companies listed). Many thanks to all those who provided feedback. 

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AI Recruiter of the Year

The AI Group is a global media agency that monitor business channels and provide up to date news and data across a wide array of industries. The Recruiter Award was given to Short-List (itouch) following industry feedback and voting.

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