Hiring mature aged workers

We have worked with many different businesses and many different department managers, with each having their own point of view of the “ideal culture fit.” For those who are open to “candidates regardless of age,” you can often bag yourself a bargain. Whilst there is a stigma attached to mature-aged workers, these days the old adages simply aren’t true. Let’s take for instance, a junior member of the team. Automatically, we think of “junior” as someone who is young, and starting off his or her career. However, put into place someone with 20 years’ experience who is happy to work this “junior level” for many years to come, then suddenly we have a different picture. And, if you interview correctly and select the right candidate, you could well find yourself with a very loyal and long-term employee.

    Candidates bring experience and maturity
    Mature-aged workers bring with them life skills
    Ideal for building stability and seniority within the team
    Unlikely to job-hop
    Just as eager to prove themselves as their younger counterparts
    Are often fairly active in and outside of work

Although there are always different culture fits for different roles i.e. we often find more mature candidates work better in stable roles, younger candidates for aggressive and faster paced positions, both have their pros and cons. The best policy is to keep a very open mind.